Applying for Food Stamps

Butte County


In Butte County the Food Stamp program is operated by the Department of Employment and Social Services. Click here to find a link to the Butte Community Employment Centers.

Applications are accepted in person, by phone, and by mail, when the applicant is unable to get to an office. An interview with a worker will be scheduled to obtain facts and verify eligibility. Applicants are required to provide proof of income amounts and property value, citizenship status, social security number, shelter costs and information about work or school status. If applicants are elderly or disabled, they may need to provide proof of medical expenses.

At the interview, applicants are advised of the rules that must be met to be eligible for Food Stamps. If the applicant(s) are determined to be eligible for Food Stamps, they will be issued through the mail.

If an interpreter is needed please ask at the time an appointment is made so one can be made available for the interview. There is no cost to you for the services of an interpreter.

You may also apply for food stamps online at www.c4yourself.com.

Checklist of items to take to the Food Stamp Office

1. Proof of Citizenship
You MUST have an acceptable form of ID when you go for the interview to prove that you are a citizen of the United States. To prove citizenship, take your birth certificate, driver's license, work or school ID, or voter registration card. Due to new laws, if you are a legal alien, you may STILL be entitled to benefits. Please call or visit the Food Stamp Office to ask about the new regulations.

2. Important Papers/Proof of Income
You will need to show relevant documentation to have your eligibility determined: among these are your personal ID, Social Security numbers for everyone in your household, bank books, pay stubs, payroll check receipts, copies of checks or benefit statements from your Social Security, pension, SSI or any other earned or unearned income. NEVER LIE OR WITHHOLD INFORMATION. The information you provide is checked against other government records and you could lose your benefits for a long time if you give false information.

3. Proof of Employment Status
You can work and still get Food Stamps. However, you are probably not eligible for Food Stamps if you recently quit a job for no reason or if you are on strike when you apply (unless you could have qualified before you went on strike). If you do get a job, you may be able to continue to receive most of your Food Stamps depending on the amount of your wages. If you are not working, and you are in good health and between 18 and 50, you may be limited to the number of months you can get Food Stamps.

4. Social Security Numbers
You will need Social Security numbers for every member of your household, including children, even if they are toddlers or infants. Since children may not have numbers, you should apply for Food Stamps ANYWAY and ask the Food Stamp worker to help you get numbers. You can also call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

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