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Food stamps Application and Screening Tool(F.A.S.T.) offers community based organizations a way to screen for potential food stamp eligibility, assist in application and follow-up applicants. In approximately seven minutes, a client is screened and a printable California Form DFA-1 Food Stamp application pre-filled with the client’s information is generated.  The current tool also prints a confidentiality waiver and a Next Steps flyer based on information provided by the county, directing the client to the closest Food Stamp office based on the client’s ZIP code or offers instructions on applying over the phone; the flyer tailors these details to each county’s regulations. 

Soon, in some counties , F.A.S.T. will be able to transmit an electronic file of the DFA-1 and possibly A2 application and send it to a secured server where a caseworker can download the file in either PDF or XML format and attachments of supporting documents (I.D., pay stubs, etc. scanned in at community site)